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Anna Paola Pascuzzi
Hand Made Shoe


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by Anna Paola Pascuzzi
"Italian Design will let you sell millions of shoes"

About the Designer

Anna Paola Pascuzzi is an Italian footwear designer with almost 15 years of experience in the fashion field. Her job consists in designing shoe collections, following your company's needs.

Due to her amazing experience in the shoe design, she is suitable to create female, male and kids shoe collections of great innovation and sure impact on the market.

To create a footwear collection she starts from knowing your company's needs, then she creates
trend research pages to focus better on your product and target client.

After that important step, she begins sketching the new lasts, heels and soles for your new shoe collection, if needed. On the new lasts (or the ones you want to use) she designs the uppers and creates colour and material charts following the trend of the season.